Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is it really January?

This year's Farmer's Almanac predicted a mild winter and they sure got it right! It doesn't even feel like a typical January at Lowfields.  Especially compared to last winter when we had snow!  
A mild winter is actually a GREAT thing for cattle.  They are less stressed and the grass that is left is not covered in snow.  We also had such a great hay year that we have plenty of hay in our barns.    What does this all mean?   Basically, it means they will be well fed through winter.  As we have said before on the blog, Happy Cows are Healthy Cows and they are all looking great right now!    
An early winter morning

Happy Cow

Charlie & Fred feeding the cattle

A lovely milky drink for one of the babes! 

Enjoying their meal - served chilled of course! 

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