Saturday, December 24, 2011

Presents under the tree... in a suitcase?

Since Cutty is coming this year for Christmas and is a walking lil' maniac who loves to get into everything, we decided to put all of our trees on top of tables!  That way we can enjoy them without having to constantly keep him out of them.   I actually am enjoying the fact that they are on tables as it gives more space to do fun things underneath them.    There are several trees all around the house (including the toy tree which we already mentioned) but the one below is a favorite.  I decided to put the tree in a vintage suitcase and then put the presents in it as well!    I think splendid, no?  

One of the table top trees in a suitcase! 

Lots of presents under the tree

I can't wait for Christmas morning! 

Up close

Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm not into Hip Hop, but I do love to "wrap"!

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is wrapping presents!  For a lot of people, they dread this task but I make it a huge event and enjoy every minute of it, down to the very last ribbon.  

Like Nanny, I always have a theme, at least when it comes to color coordination!   This year I'm all about gold, orange, tobacco and red.  I embellish each package with crazy things that I have collected over the years, such as stuffed birds, tassels, odd ornaments, etc.  You name it and I will put it on a present.   I also try to find fun gift tags and this year Nutmeg made me my very own Lowfields Farm tags!   

I collect and save any type of wrapping paper I find along the way along with weird containers that end up being perfect for gifts.   A lot of the containers are found by my great friend "The Hunter" Deborah!  

My gift tags for this year - custom Lowfields Farm tags!

Clara Belle is exhausted by the entire wrapping process

A lovely gift ready to be opened! 

The more embellishments, the better!  

I bought this tobacco paper 5 years ago at Walmart,
 I knew I would use it eventually! 

A giant gold ladybug nestles into the gorgeous orange ribbon

A partridge and a tassel on a present for Freddie Merle

In my world, you can never have enough on top of a present! 

An elf standing guard

Everyone made the cut for Santa's nice list this year!  

These ladybugs turned out to be my favorite to add on top of gifts!  

Small Details Make the Season Bright!

Throughout all of Lowfields, there is always room to add small details to spread the Christmas cheer.  Here are just some of those details that I had fun putting together !
Even adding a ribbon makes it feel like Christmas! 

Putting ornaments in bowls is always a "go to" for decorating!

Even adding a couple things changes the whole look! 

Ornaments & packages tucked away on every shelf

Christmas bells are ringing... 

A lovely package awaits it's recipent

Let's hope that Cutty doesn't get a hold of these for our own ears' sake!

Even outside it's fun to add small details

I love these ornament wreaths that I got years ago

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tiny Trees Full of Cheer

I ask you... who doesn't love a bottle brush tree?  As with my vintage Santa and ornament addiction, I have come to acquire quite the collection of vintage bottle brush trees over the years.  They are perfect to tuck into shelves and small spaces to add Christmas cheer! 
Vintage deer, ornaments and bottle brush trees

These shelves in the Bunk House are quite festive! 

Some even have fruit on them! 

A reindeer among a vintage forest of bottle brush trees

They are perfect to sneak in everywhere to add some festive-ness! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Company's Coming!

I am getting all of my dishes and linens organized for the holiday festivities. For Christmas Eve, we use these dishes that were specially made for us in Moustier St. Marie.  The red you see is the felt I put between all the dishes and chargers to protect them when not in use.    I also sorted through all of the linens I have to make sure everything is fresh & clean.  Included in the holiday linens are hand towels given to me by Patrick's beautiful granddaughter Anna, who is from Germany.  I fondly call her the little hag and I, of course, am the big hag!  She is also known as Anna Baroness Von Walbersdorf am Rhein zum Neckar.    In addition to all the linens, I also put out towels out for all of my visiting family & friends.  I can't wait for everyone to arrive!  

Vintage Santa observing the Christmas Eve dishes

Linens from Anna, Patrick's beautiful granddaughter! 
Some may think I am crazy for all the linens I have...

...But you can't say I am not organized! 

Lovely fresh towels await

Friday, December 16, 2011

A Christmas Goat & Wild Boar

Everyone gets dressed for Christmas, even the goat and wild boar!  

Everyone needs a little holiday dressing - even the goat! 

Up close & personal with the Christmas goat

"The Boar's Head, I understand, is the finest dish in all the land"
I found this Boar's head at a yard sale and I immediately knew
he had a place in my home at Christmas with a wreath around his neck.  

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hide the booze! The Elves are watching...

In addition to my vintage collection of Santas, I also have accumulated quite a collection of fun Christmas elves over the years.    I decided this year to have them gather at the bar downstairs in Charlie's office.   They are lovely company for a most festive beverage!   But be warned, they can't be trusted.  They will report any misdeeds and revelry back to Santa...
The elves tending the bar 
Up close

Would you trust this face?
This one is from a set of elves that were in a store window! 

A giggling elf - he knows a secret or two, I am sure! 

Merry elves in a beverage glass

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town..

Or make that MANY Santa Clauses are coming to Lowfields Farm for Christmas!  
I know it is common practice these days to collect vintage Santas and ornaments but I started 20 years ago when there was an abundance of them.   I probably now have 100s of vintage Santas that always come out at Christmas.

One of my partners in Santa collection crime is my very best friend for almost 40 years, Patrick.  I met him on my first day at Loyola University in New Orleans and we have been inseparable since then.  This is his very first appearance on the blog!   And how appropriate we are introducing one of my favorite people during my most favorite time of year.  
Patrick with Clara Belle
Patrick has been collecting Santas for 40 years.  His collection began when he inherited an old collection from one of his mother's friends.  As Patrick likes to say every year, "The men come out at Christmas!"  

One of the main criteria in our collection is that they have to be OLD.   I favor plush ones from the 50s & 60s and we both love an old German St. Nick.  Over the years, the men of Christmas have acquired rather crazy & inappropriate names, which makes it even more fun.   I have spread the collection out all over Cold Comfort Hall to delight all of our Christmas guests!

Just a few of my jolly ol' men

A Santa from Nannie

Cat Man Santa

A German Santa head, a papier mache Santa and Raggedy Claus
Humpty Dumpty Santa & Mummified Santa

One of the many Santa's that Patrick has given me over the years

A gathering of the old men

Santa with vintage noise makers in a trophy cup
Mud Room Santas