Friday, January 20, 2012

A Gift That Keeps Giving..

For my birthday I recieved some great gifts.  My dear friend from childhood, Cathi, gave me a very special personalized gift...hand towels for all the houses at Lowfields!  Cathi is an incredibly talented & creative crafter and seamstress.  She put the appropriate color ribbon on the towels to match each bathroom in the houses and then embroidered the house's name as well.  Not only does this look fantastic but it helps in keeping things organized for the many properties on Lowfields, which I could ALWAYS use help with.   Thank you Cathi - these truly are the gifts that keep giving! 
Bunk House Bathroom 
A towel for the bathroom in Cold Comfort Hall

Up close - the ribbon is beautiful! 

The bathroom in Whimsy Cottage

Up close

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