Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Road To Nirvana...

How do an interior designer and doctor turn their Raleigh, North Carolina lifestyle into that of farmers in Virginia?    The story is a long one filled with great adventure, but first, how did we get here?   

It all started on a trip to Germany where we saw an advertisement for a farm.  That one ad sparked a 2-year search for the perfect farm in the central Virginia area.   Looking for a “fixer-upper”, we embarked on an extensive real estate search but just couldn’t find the right fit.    Until one day, we drove down a decrepit, winding road full of rusted cars and abandoned houses and I so aptly stated, “I don’t care if Nirvana is at the end of this road, I am NOT living here.”   


Two months later, Lowfields Farm was ours. 

Located on the James River just outside of Charlottesville, VA, Lowfields Farm has been around since the Revolutionary war. It has only been owned by 3 families in its existence, with us being the 3rd.  Thomas Jefferson Bugg was the previous owner before us when he decided to sell it at the age of 81. 

The original house was built in 1822 by the Winn Family and was the only house on the property in addition to an old barn and milking parlour.    Unfortunately, the main house was inhabitable.    

Old House - circa 1822

Side View

In terms of a fixer-upper, we hit the jackpot.   There was a lot to do – but where to start?  Were we crazy to take on such a project?    

Little did we know at the time, but it turns out that the road did end up leading to Nirvana. Our story is filled with mind-boggling learnings and adventures but most of all it’s a story of farm life, food and family.   

Follow us as we share our day-to-day life at Lowfields Farm.