Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Peaceful Place

Today marks the one year anniversary of my father's death. When he died last year, we decided to build a cemetery at Lowfields.  We had always wanted a resting place for our family and beloved pets and as odd as it sounds, it's quite common on old family farms.  We want to keep loved ones close, even though they have moved on.  

Over the years, I had collected a huge amount of old wrought iron, gates and finial posts but there always seemed like there were other projects to do, as is my life on the farm.  About 8 years ago I bought a beautiful French cross at an antique show and knew one day it would have a home and a purpose! 

We got Ted and Larry to oversee and mastermind all the different elements from building the foundation, to bringing in the bricklayers and welders.    
Foundation building & brick laying 
Lots of welding! 

Finished but without the cross
After months of construction, Curtis, one of the welders, brought in the French cross on its base. As they were placing it in the cemetery, it broke into pieces!   We were all so disappointed because it would not be ready to show my family at Christmas.   Low & behold, the week of Christmas, I was walking everyone over and nearly dropped to my knees in complete shock...the cross was there and in place!  Truly a Christmas miracle - Curtis had snuck in and placed it in its home.  
A Christmas miracle - the cross is in place! 

Floyd checking out the finished product

The cemetery faces east and is on a bluff overlooking the James River and the Blue Ridge mountains, a very serene and peaceful view. I think big Frank would have approved. Resquiat In Pacem.

A view of the cemetery location from Cold Comfort Hall during sunset

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