Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town..

Or make that MANY Santa Clauses are coming to Lowfields Farm for Christmas!  
I know it is common practice these days to collect vintage Santas and ornaments but I started 20 years ago when there was an abundance of them.   I probably now have 100s of vintage Santas that always come out at Christmas.

One of my partners in Santa collection crime is my very best friend for almost 40 years, Patrick.  I met him on my first day at Loyola University in New Orleans and we have been inseparable since then.  This is his very first appearance on the blog!   And how appropriate we are introducing one of my favorite people during my most favorite time of year.  
Patrick with Clara Belle
Patrick has been collecting Santas for 40 years.  His collection began when he inherited an old collection from one of his mother's friends.  As Patrick likes to say every year, "The men come out at Christmas!"  

One of the main criteria in our collection is that they have to be OLD.   I favor plush ones from the 50s & 60s and we both love an old German St. Nick.  Over the years, the men of Christmas have acquired rather crazy & inappropriate names, which makes it even more fun.   I have spread the collection out all over Cold Comfort Hall to delight all of our Christmas guests!

Just a few of my jolly ol' men

A Santa from Nannie

Cat Man Santa

A German Santa head, a papier mache Santa and Raggedy Claus
Humpty Dumpty Santa & Mummified Santa

One of the many Santa's that Patrick has given me over the years

A gathering of the old men

Santa with vintage noise makers in a trophy cup
Mud Room Santas

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