Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm not into Hip Hop, but I do love to "wrap"!

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is wrapping presents!  For a lot of people, they dread this task but I make it a huge event and enjoy every minute of it, down to the very last ribbon.  

Like Nanny, I always have a theme, at least when it comes to color coordination!   This year I'm all about gold, orange, tobacco and red.  I embellish each package with crazy things that I have collected over the years, such as stuffed birds, tassels, odd ornaments, etc.  You name it and I will put it on a present.   I also try to find fun gift tags and this year Nutmeg made me my very own Lowfields Farm tags!   

I collect and save any type of wrapping paper I find along the way along with weird containers that end up being perfect for gifts.   A lot of the containers are found by my great friend "The Hunter" Deborah!  

My gift tags for this year - custom Lowfields Farm tags!

Clara Belle is exhausted by the entire wrapping process

A lovely gift ready to be opened! 

The more embellishments, the better!  

I bought this tobacco paper 5 years ago at Walmart,
 I knew I would use it eventually! 

A giant gold ladybug nestles into the gorgeous orange ribbon

A partridge and a tassel on a present for Freddie Merle

In my world, you can never have enough on top of a present! 

An elf standing guard

Everyone made the cut for Santa's nice list this year!  

These ladybugs turned out to be my favorite to add on top of gifts!  

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