Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Company's Coming!

I am getting all of my dishes and linens organized for the holiday festivities. For Christmas Eve, we use these dishes that were specially made for us in Moustier St. Marie.  The red you see is the felt I put between all the dishes and chargers to protect them when not in use.    I also sorted through all of the linens I have to make sure everything is fresh & clean.  Included in the holiday linens are hand towels given to me by Patrick's beautiful granddaughter Anna, who is from Germany.  I fondly call her the little hag and I, of course, am the big hag!  She is also known as Anna Baroness Von Walbersdorf am Rhein zum Neckar.    In addition to all the linens, I also put out towels out for all of my visiting family & friends.  I can't wait for everyone to arrive!  

Vintage Santa observing the Christmas Eve dishes

Linens from Anna, Patrick's beautiful granddaughter! 
Some may think I am crazy for all the linens I have...

...But you can't say I am not organized! 

Lovely fresh towels await

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