Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lovely Flowers for a Lovely Wedding

This past weekend I did the flowers for a very good friend of mine's son's wedding.  Donna is my partner in crime on a lot of the crazy projects I come up with, so it was especially fun to collaborate with her on the flowers for this very special day for her son and his bride!    Congratulations Ariel & Allison!

Below is just a peak at what we came up with... 
We used vintage coolers for the bigger arrangements...

And also some baskets...  

And my favorite - tiny bouquets in vintage hotel silver sugar bowls

Donna & I in the midst of wedding flower mayhem!  

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  1. As always, projects filled with lots of laughter and fun. The wedding was beautiful and the flowers incredible. Ann, thanks for the floral delights that graced the entire week end event for Alison and Ariel's wedding.

    The procession of flowers danced their way to respective positions. Broken flowers and little buds found their way to the tiny silver sugar bowls, along with feathers from the farm, and tall Lowfields grasses into the bouquets held by the Scotchman coolers. The finale, an unnoticed basket who just happened to have a twin became a "basket couple"
    that looked like it was planned. Creative Genius!!!!!!