Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Awakening

Yesterday was the first day of Spring and so began many fun projects on the farm.  With the unusually warmer weather this month, we decided to go ahead and get started on one that I am particularly excited about - enlarging the vegetable garden!  

Hard at work expanding the vegetable garden

First is the awful part, the weeding and clearing of last year's vegetable refuse. All the weeds will be thrown into the compost to make more soil and worms. Everyone helps with the weeding, most especially the chickens, they love it when we weed because of all the worms we turn up. Worms are a sign of good healthy soil!  They also love to dig in the compost pile, which helps to aerate. They really are quite useful.  

All the weeds from last year's vegetable garden - great for compost! 

The chickens are loving all the good worms they are finding!  

Even the landlord helps with the weeding!  
More posts to come when we start to plant, but it's exciting to get our hands in the dirt and get started!   Happy Spring!  

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