Thursday, February 2, 2012

Behind the scenes... A Doctor Visit

While you often see me post lovely pictures of our cattle grazing in our fields, what you may not realize is the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Keeping our cattle healthy is our main priority on the farm (although I would put decorating for Christmas as a close 2nd place!). We are so fortunate to have two incredible vets for our cattle - Dr. Bom Inman and Dr. Bobby Franck. It's a full time job to constantly watch and maintain healthy cattle and it's something that Charlie, as a doctor himself, loves to get involved in as well.  

A typical visit from one of our hard working vets, Dr. Inman, is documented below.  We wouldn't have our happy healthy cows with out her & Dr. Franck!  
Momma gets a check up with baby waiting for her

Charlie & Rolando assist Dr. Inman

Momma - are you done yet?  

Trying to get the calf to nurse - not as easy as you would think!

A vet's job is never done - success with the nursing! 

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