Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's the Holiday Season...Go BIG or go home.

We don't take Christmas lightly here at Lowfields.  As with anyone, we hang a wreath on the front of our home.  However,  I am not talking just about any ol' holiday wreath.  I was fortunate to find a huge wreath that was formally used at a department store and it's what I hang on the front of the Cold Comfort Hall every year.  It should be it's own special project as it takes a bit of effort to get it hung! 

The wreath being transported from the barn to the Hall via tractor

The placing of the wreath -
who says John Deere tractors are just for farming? 
Wreath - 2011
Here is the picture of the wreath from Christmas 2010 - we even had snow!  

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