Monday, December 5, 2011

Cutty's Toy Tree

We are anxiously awaiting Cutty's arrival for Christmas at the farm and with that, we have to start putting up the decorations!  

When Sister was here at Thanksgiving, we started with the Toy Tree.  This tree is on the island in the kitchen and is there mainly to delight my great nephew, but also the child within us all during this magical Christmas time.  I have done this tree in the past but never for an actual little one to enjoy (it's been more for my own enjoyment!).  
Sister decorating the tree for her grandson
It has old fashioned lights and millions of odd things on it!   A large majority of the ornaments are items that Nanny gave us on our packages at Christmas time.  She not only wrapped packages in beautiful ribbons and papers, but there was always a toy on the package as well.  I feel Nanny was far ahead of her time in coordinating beautiful wrappings and decorations!    I kept almost all of mine since I was in grammar school so they definitely have some meaning.    Over the years, I have also collected vintage angels and toys from all over the world so those are included as well.  There are dutch shoes from Holland, Storks from Alsace and bears from Germany & Australia.  The tree is topped off with an angel that was on one of Nanny's presents when I was in the fifth grade.   I can't wait to see Cutty's face when he sees it! 
  Those of you from New Orleans will recognize this guest on the tree - Mr. Bingle!  

I added a picket fence below the tree as a place for even more toys!

Cutty's Toy Tree

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