Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sometimes Ugly is Delicious

Eating food that is beautiful always makes me feel good.  However, in some cases, eating something that is ugly is just as gratifying.   Just because it doesn't look perfect, doesn't mean it isn't scrumptious.  Cue the ugly cupcake.    

I was in the mood for a chocolate cupcake and I wanted to experiment with the applesauce I made earlier this fall by adding it instead of the water and oil that the recipe called for.  I used a typical chocolate cake mix  and a tub of frosting - sometimes you don't need to do things from scratch!    With the applesauce, the cupcakes turned out a bit wonky but I found they were the most moist and delicious ones I have ever had!  
They may be ugly but they are delicious! 

A portrait of an ugly cupcake

Even Clara  Belle wanted a taste!  

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