Thursday, September 8, 2011

What Happens in the Barn... Stays in the Barn

When we first arrived at Lowfields, there were no animals except for a stray emu who was eating everything in the orchard.  Several years later, we noticed a crazy wild-looking gray cat (she is now known as 'Fraidy Cat) wandering around the barn.
'Fraidy Cat
Little did we know that she at the time was pregnant!  We ended up with kittens galore and had what we call the "great round-up"... it took 8 adults to gather the 8 kittens and 'Fraidy to take them to get spayed and neutered and all their shots - I think they knew what was in store for them!  

In the end, we still have 5 of the them and 'Fraidy who inhabit our barn.  We call them the Confederates... the night they drove ol' dixie down!
 Confederates at mealtime

Lovin' on each other in the garden

A little sun snooze

At home in the barn

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