Friday, September 16, 2011

A Tale of Two (or Five) Pups

Since we were first married, we have always had dogs and from the start, mostly beagles and almost all rescues. All of them originally were named after characters in The Andy Griffith Show.
Aunt Bea, Thelma Lou, Opie & Andy go for a ride
The only beagle remaining from the original pack is Andy aka Ferret (named so because when we first got him as a rescue he was very long and thin).  Ferret has since proven to be insane and a runaway, we didn't and still don't know how long he will live given his propensity to just take off into the woods for days at a time.  Stay tuned in future posts for "The Adventures of Ferret". 
Andy aka Ferret
Then we inherited Floyd - a vegan Chihuahua-beagle mix who is a total weirdsmobile and does yoga.  One of his greatest skills is mushroom hunting in the forests of Lowfields. Even though his name is Floyd,  he requires that you address him as HIM FLOYD in a crazy high voice.  You never, and I repeat, never, look him in the eye when he is eating!  
Artsy Portrait of Floyd

Floyd loves himself a snuggly blanket
Clara Belle came along in the past couple years and was chosen as a playmate for Floyd -she weighs 9 pounds and is a crazy mix of little mean dogs.  We adore her and if she and Floyd are together they are called The Darling Buds of May.  She loves to catch a ride on the tail of one of the Reds.  
Formal Portait of Clara Belle

The Darling Buds of May sleep in on a Sunday morning
Since all of our dogs were on the smaller side, we wanted some bigger dogs for the farm. So we rescued 2 golden retrievers who were brothers.  We call them the Reds when together but they are Peanut & Percy individually. They are 6 yrs old and we have erased all presence of the good manners they arrived with when we first got them. 
The Reds


All of our dogs travel back and forth with us from Raleigh to the farm.. so as you can imagine, doing a pit stop on the way is a sight to see!  

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