Saturday, September 17, 2011

Special Project: Operation Trumeau Mirrors

I do love a special project.  As if there wasn't enough to do at the farm this past week with all the calves being born and having to bottle feed, etc.  I decided to make good use of some inside time on one of the afternoons when it was sweltering outside.    Let Operation Trumeau Mirror commence!  

I found some great old trumeau mirrors for the living room and they were so large that we had to take them apart in Raleigh to allow for safe transport to the farm.  Of course, nothing is easy, these mirrors weigh a TON so I had the help of my treasured Amigos for the installation.  I am replacing two smaller mirrors with these lovely ones next to the large clock face by the wood-burning stove.  
The Amigos helping assemble the mirrors after transport

Let the installation begin...
(notice one of the 2 old mirrors that I am replacing on the right)
I am quite pleased with the finished product.  They make the room look a lot bigger and give it a depth that the previous mirrors did not!  
Operation Trumeau Mirror Complete and looking lovely!

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