Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cold Comfort Hall

When we built Cold Comfort Cottage in 2000, we just needed a little place that was not too hard to mange for our dogs and ourselves. The farm was to be a getaway and a rest from work and on our time off, we just wanted a small place where we could relax!  Well, as you have heard me say before in this blog - WHAT WERE WE THINKING?

We realized quite quickly that we were going to need a bigger house as we were having many guests and guest dogs and the cottage only had a table for two.

Because of our configuration up on the bluff, I knew we would have to add on from the front of the house vs. the back as most people do.  Looking through many architectural books of our area in VA, I finally came across a great house. It was designed by Thomas Jefferson and located not far from our farm. It was one of the few clapboard houses he designed; it is privately owned and its name is Edgemount.  We are also down the road from Jefferson’s Monticello and next door to another Jefferson jewel, Bremo, our wonderful neighbors.
The inspiration - Edgemount
The existing dimensions and elevation fit our site perfectly so we have proceeded over the last 2 years to create our own Edgemount at Lowfields - minus the dome!
Cold Comfort Hall
Front Porch at Cold Comfort Hall

Cold Comfort Hall through the Gate House on a misty morning

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