Monday, September 26, 2011

Calves, bottles & food out of boxes

Last week was a busy one at Lowfields Farm. We had 14 births with 3 of the calves being in permanent bottle feeding.  That means about 12 bottles a day! When we aren't cleaning bottles, preparing bottles or feeding the calves, the Amigos are checking on the pregnant cows. They check twice during the day and once during the night, when the majority of births take place.   
We are all exhausted - last night I slept on a pile of clean laundry that I had thrown on the bed to fold but never got to it.  We have only eaten food out of boxes, not anything fun like our typical Saturday Night Suppers.   
Looking forward to a visit today from friends Kelli & Eliza - I hope they bring some real food.  It will be a much needed break! 
Lowfields Emma Woodhouse - one hour old!
*Notice all cows are named after characters in Jane Austen novels

The twins escaped from the barn and were waiting for me this morning! 
The cow kitchen in the Milking Parlour - where we spend most of our time! 

Bottles, Bottles, Bottles

The twins being fed 

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