Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Coup de Grace

Obviously, you can’t have a farm without chickens.  Chickens and cattle go together!  I had  chickens at our suburban farmette of 2 acres in Raleigh, NC and loved them. The chickens at Lowfields needed a special building, so I had these church windows and a church door installed and hence - The Coup de Grace.
Coup de Grace
Charlamagne, the rooster, is the head of his harem and does a good job of monitoring his ladies.  They are mostly all Rhode Island Reds. We let them free range and they get all the vegetable scraps and weeds. 


The Reds
Sister aka the Chicken Whisperer
The abundance of fresh eggs is a luxury and we find many ways to use them in recipes.  Look for them in this blog along the way and keep an eye out for one of our special recipes in our Christmas post – “Eggs Lowfields” is a recipe that Nutmeg & Sister came up with and it’s not Christmas morning without it.

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