Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bunk House Chic

Sister and I spent Christmas of ’09 with her son, Michael and wife, Meg (although we call her Nutmeg) at their home in Connecticut.  The three girls spent a wonderful day in Manhattan shopping and lunching and more importantly looking at all the fabulous Holiday windows. As we always do when we are in the city, we went to the Ralph Lauren House on Madison Ave (mostly for me to steal ideas on design).  They change their top floor interior design area every season and each time I can't wait to see what they will do.  We walked into that fabulously renovated store and walked directly into a room that was basically the recreation of what I had done in the Bunk House but of course ever so chic in that RL way.  Hence the term that Nutmeg coined – “Bunk House Chic”. 

Bunk House Entry
Some details on the Bunk House:
My husband Charles and his crew had made bunk beds out of tree trunks that almost touch the 20 ft ceilings (made for giants as all male members of my family are at least 6’3” and above).  The rest just followed from all the stuff collected or had not sold to clients including a great oriental rug and a chesterfield sofa I bought for $25 dollars.  Not just for sleeping, the Long Barn and Bunk House has been used for lots of events – cattle luncheons and even a wedding! 
Main Living Area

Bunk Beds

Sitting Area


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