Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cold Comfort Cottage

Since there was no habitable place on the farm we ended up renting a cottage with some friends 30 minutes away. We knew we needed a house - the old house was a huge huge money and time pit and what we needed first was a small quick cottage.

We chose a bluff above the James River and proceeded to clear and clear and clear…

Future site of Cold Comfort Cottage

When the bluff was cleared the eventual lay out of house and outbuldings came to me in a dream (or hallucination). Below is the actual sketch I did with what I envisioned... 

The Vision

This is exactly what we ended up building over the next few years...(details on other buildings - Whimsey & School House - in upcoming posts!)

Final front view of Cold Comfort Cottage
As a designer, I have had several photo shoots with national magazines. I partnered with Country Living Magazine for a story on what would be Cold Comfort Cottage.  I have posted some pictures below from the shoot they for their November 2003 Thanksgiving issue. This started a wonderful association with incredibly talented people - Rebecca Thienes, Stanley Hura and Keith Scott Morton.   


Laundry Room

Wood burning stove


Desk in Main Living Area
Cold Comfort Cottage was all about recycling.  It had old doors, sinks, columns and other architectural items that I have found along the way at flea markets, etc.   It also continued the theme I started by having a very basic and graphic color story - the two most basic colors - black and white.

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