Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Porch Cleaning at the Farm

We have numerous areas at Lowfields for outside gathering, all with wonderful views of the property.  Every year we start fresh with cleaning the porches and terraces at the farm.  We are always using them either to have our morning coffee or our sunset beverages so it's nice that they are clean and ready to go!  

Back screened in porch - all furniture removed and hosed down! 

Ready to go! 

Extra chairs and of course - water for the dogs! 

Perfect spot for the paper and morning coffee

We can fit a lot of people back here for sunset happy hour!  

Removing furniture for cleaning the upstairs terrace

Hosing down the upstairs terrace

Finished and ready to go - great view of the land and barns

Downstairs terrace getting hosed down

A lovely cool spot for lunch

Back view of the porch at Whimsey
Finished shot of Whimsey porch -
as photographed in Country Living Magazine

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