Thursday, January 5, 2012

Is This The Breakfast with Santa?

I love waking up on Christmas morning knowing there will be a day filled with love and excitement ahead.  And of course, this year with Cutty here with us, it was sure to be a big day!    As mentioned in my previous posts, we did table top trees this year so we wouldn't have to worry about him getting into too much trouble.   I put a tree in the middle of the main room and when we were putting out presents, we realized how great it was to have a GIFT tree!  So that's what we did - we put them all around it and even IN the actual tree.    Everyone also had their own stockings filled with lovely small items - most of them quite useful like dental floss or pet hair removers!  
Pajamas and coffee on Christmas morning

The "gift" tree! 

It was fun to sneak presents into the tree itself! 

Ready for opening!

Clara Belle guarding the stockings

Cutty had 2 stockings this year - lucky duck! 

Not quite sure what to make of the whole thing

Pure Christmas Joy
After presents, we got started on the big Christmas Day brunch.   This is truly a tradition we started here at Lowfields as it is the birth of Eggs Lowfield, a dish we created many years ago on Christmas morning.   The key to the dish is to use all the leftovers from the dinner the night before.    We turn the mashed potatoes into fried potato cakes, the spinach soufflĂ© into a lovely sauce and we fry the remaining oysters. We top it all with a lovely poached egg.    Sister also makes her famous cheese grits and we have some breakfast sausage. The meal is truly the highlight of the day as we will then only have small bites and champagne for dinner.  

Eggs Lowfield
Leftover Mashed Potatoes
Leftover Spinach Souffle
Fried Oysters
Poached Egg

Add flour and egg to mashed potatoes and form patties large enough to be the base of the meal.  Fry in cast iron skillet until golden on each side and set aside.   While you are frying the cakes, make a cream sauce with milk, flour and butter and add the spinach soufflĂ© to make a sauce.     Toss oysters in whichever frying mixture you prefer and fry until crispy.    Poach an egg.   Layer on plate from bottom up - potato cake, poached egg, fried oysters, spinach sauce.   ENJOY!  
Nutmeg making the potato cakes

What could possible be better than this?? 
Eggs Lowfield on Christmas Morning

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